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How Does Web Design Work?

What Is SEO In Website Design?

Web Design is the process of gathering ideas, images, and content together in an aesthetically wonderful way to stimulate a specific target audience. Well done Websites can contain high quality information of value like news, or encyclopedias, properly tagged photo galleries (for blind screen readers), or educational videos that communicate to a specific group of people, or to massive online traffic in mass quantities if your website algorithm ranks very high in search engines using your key words in different online mediums like social media accounts.

Learning Web Design is an art, just like any other it evolves, and you must always refine your skills to be very good at it. This keeps people in business!

Websites consist of coding that is structured with a header, body, and footer. This is like writing an essay. The top "head" section contains all the metadata (title, description, and key words related to your target audience), CSS, Java scripting, and Google Analytics should be the last item in the "head" section. This enables you to track your user's behavior, which helps you make informed decisions. However, there are rules in each section of the "essay" that coders need to follow to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. (see YouTube video)

How Exactly Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Work?

The beauty of SEO is that it can be reached in many ways. The best way ideally for each of us is to play our strengths. If we know a lot about a topic of interest, we can elaborate a great deal on it with informative content. However, some fields (websites using the same key words related to similar target audiences) are now in the field (web browser) along with you. If your website has all the best content and is good enough to generate traffic based on just that alone...well please be nice and share the lightning, because that's not very nice!
The truth is to generate Authority to your website effectively, you can also use social media. Social media has a slow learning curve to pleasant interfaces, and even mobile apps that are content juggernauts. Blogs are another way to generate external linked content on the "WEB" that will redirect algorithms creating traffic (authority) to your website. In so many words that's about it! I hope I didn’t confuse you!

Web design and SEO is just one part of your online presence. You must ensure you have been a professional, always, and your social life has not affected your online footprint. If you have "cashed" social media ranting, or un becoming images so thus speak, you may want to use some reputation management services which can be expensive but possible. Monitor what you post also if you make it big, especially if you reach role model status. These things should be our civic responsibility prior to even stepping on the web with our finger.

Education is vital especially to young minds. Please teach your children to ensure they set a unique footprint for their web designing futures. While on the web, remember your root values always, be excellent, and have your best foot forward, because you truly never know who is watching. 

What Is All This Talk About Content? Why?

I could be the best blogger, coolest website designer, and have a ton of followers on social media, well if you do have this maybe your ok! Seriously, the content comes from you. You are the sole source of the passion, message, delivery, and audience you want to reach. If your serious about this, you write to your audience, and dedicate time as a professional to put your unique words out to there. its one thing to reach your audience, and that alone is some people's goals, but if you reach your target audience, and they now look for you as a source of knowledge, support, service, education, and even hope. That’s what content is. This information is then blasted out on Social media, blogs, correctly tagged and key-worded websites with well written metadata.
The content must come from you! make it individually special, and dare to be different. Besides plagiarism is not nice, and google is hip to that lack of integrity. #shine 
- Dino Riese |


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