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Making a website is simply not enough to get noticed on a search engine. What tricks do you incorporate in your designs to increase optimization in search engine ranking?

On page optimization is the beginning of the authority to your website campaign.  Placing epic content is one thing, but to truly get optimized the most efficient way is to utilize google's tools, and look at the data like google analytics in order to get the best out of your online campaigns.

Everyone says it, and it is absolutely true.  SEO is content driven.  However if the source of the content is original, and the masses can spread the information, it can spread like wildfire all over the Internet. To best create the "viral" effect, you should be able to connect to the target audience, and make a strong message. 

"To make someone cry, that's easy, just say a puppy got hurt, but to make someone laugh...that is a challenge!"

Be creative with your content, and this is the root of your social media campaigning with your website as the nucleus of all the traffic.  The object of the game is to utilize your time and efforts to spreading your epic content filled with passion towards your desired target audience.


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